Samples of any of these services are available upon request. 

Editorial Assessment. For an editorial assessment, I read the completed manuscript and make some top-line recommendations. It is a cursory version of a full developmental edit. The assessment is given in the form of a short letter. Rate $600.

Developmental Edit. ‚ÄčThis includes an editorial letter, which highlights big-picture observations from your story. Topics addressed include, but are not limited to: Characterization, Tone, Theme, Plot Concerns, and Pacing. Within the letter are suggestions for fixing particular problems. This edit also includes going into the Word document and making comments and edits using track changes. One-hour phone call available if author requests. Rate ranges from $1,000-$3,000 depending on the shape of the manuscript.
* For each additional round, $500.

Line Edit. ‚ÄčA line edit is a comprehensive examination of the manuscript at a micro-level. All edits are made using track changes and include, but are not limited to: tightening sentences, deleting text that is redundant, revising word echoes, clarifying murkiness, reducing wordiness, and making the manuscript CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) compliant. This edit includes two complete edits of the manuscript and a final polishing. The manuscript is print-ready at the conclusion of this process. Rate $.025/word.

* Additional charge to check accuracy of Scripture verses, TBD.

Copyedit. A copyedit is similiar to a line edit with one exception: the text is edited in one complete round, not two, and the author is responsible for accepting or rejecting any text changes. I recommend hiring a proofreader if you have your manuscript copyedited and not line edited. Rate $.018/word

Proofreading. Once a manuscript is typeset, a proofread includes identifying widows, orphans, loose lines, as well as confirming that the guidelines established in the style sheet and the Chicago Manual of Style have been properly applied. This final stage also allows for catching last-minute problems in the manuscript. Rate $20/hr.

*Manuscripts over 90K words will cost more. Inquire about pricing for titles less than 50K words.